Avoid Cheating on the HCG Diet – Setting a Realistic Expectation

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Avoid Cheating on the HCG Diet – Setting a Realistic Expectation

The HCG diet is a great way to lose a lot of weight in a shorter period of time. The thought of losing a lot of weight that quick is so appealing to many overweight people. But this expectation can set them up for failure.

Many can lose around 15 pounds in the first week. Some can lose about 10 pounds every week. The numbers are pretty big and it’s totally possible to lose this amount with the HCG diet. But seeing those big numbers on the scale going down may want to set your expectations too high. And you’ll probably get disappointed even if you’re doing great.

The reason why you’re on the diet is to lose weight. But for you to get through the process you need to look at the big picture and not the number on the scale. Be aware of how the HCG diet works. You will lose a pound each day for the first few weeks. Then you will experience something like 3-6 days of NO weight loss. This is TOTALLY NORMAL.

You’ll start to worry that you’re doing your hcg diet very wrong or perhaps the hcg diet is not working for you. You might even compare yourself with other hcg dieters who have been losing weight constantly. High expectation can throw your diet off.

Factors that will determine how you actually lose weight;

1. Your HCG dose

Your dose of HCG contributes to how much fat you lose. It makes your diet easier since you don’t feel hungry even on VLCD. If your dose is not right, you’ll feel extremely hungry and your weight loss is affected.

2. Wrong choice of exercise

Intense exercise can be like asking too much from your body. So instead of losing those fats away, your body will hold onto your weight. If you choose to combine exercise with HCG diet- choose lighter exercise. Your body can tell whether the exercise is right for you. If you feel exhausted and hungry after doing some exercise, then stop.
3. How much sleep you get

Getting enough sleep is very important in this process. Your body is actually doing a lot of the work involved with weight loss when you get enough sleep.

4. Change your menu plan from time to time

There is no problem with eating the same type of foods but sometimes varying your meal plan can be beneficial.

Don’t get too hung up with the big numbers on the scale. Your body is different from others. Be inspired and congratulate yourself even the numbers aren’t that big. Be proud and thankful that you’re not just losing inches off your hips. You are also getting yourself healthy. So, go on and set a realistic expectation.

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